Game events - Among Us

So We Can Show Are Friends Where Better Then Them

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  • Oct 11 2020
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    2 Jan, 2023 07:53pm


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    9 Jul, 2022 04:28am

    I think not only kill and be killed are highlights, but reports, emergency meetings, sabotages are also highlights.

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    6 Mar, 2022 02:28am

    Dude the person who said theres already among us, this is an AUTO EVENT idea -_- Also if you dont want this idea, we didnt ask, just dont vote it, simple

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    28 Sep, 2021 09:54pm

    For people who aren't just saying dumb things in the comments - This is an idea that could work, while also having Long Task Completes, and being killed as highlights, as well as a win/lose. But, sometimes funni kills would be nice to highlight.

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    22 Aug, 2021 12:40am

    among us is gay

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    27 Jun, 2021 04:44pm

    first thats dumb and sec. you who asked if you can have his gta v go fuck your self retard

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    7 Nov, 2020 12:49am

    idk man theres already amung us on it

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    31 Oct, 2020 08:37am

    Hi can l have your gta v

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