Anything Can Be Recorded

I really love the app, and I've recommended it to my friends, but the problem is that it just does not save everything, it only saves games that are supported. I wish you could record anything at anytime, other than supported games. For instance, I like playing Realm Royale but I'd have to wait for mods to get the game on there. My interest in Realm Royale is unpopular among other people, and that might make it pass unseen.

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  • Nov 13 2020
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    Team Overwolf commented
    23 Feb, 2022 10:48am

    Released in version 72.0.2986

  • Guest commented
    16 Feb, 2022 06:07pm

    brilliant idea

  • mahir altunalan commented
    16 Feb, 2022 02:25pm
  • Guest commented
    13 Feb, 2022 03:41am

    i think if I start recording it should record what ever is on my screen so i can do any games

  • Sebastiao Smithard commented
    11 Feb, 2022 02:18am

    yeah just use obs

  • Arem Key commented
    1 Feb, 2022 05:16pm

    Maybe all it needs is a manual start of screen capture which then can be bookmarked with "save a replay" hotkey

  • Guest commented
    29 Jan, 2022 11:03am

    It will be realy good becouse on obs or anything else i don't have marked moments

  • Guest commented
    3 Oct, 2021 07:58pm

    just use OBS or bandicam OBS is free so use that to your advantage

  • Guest commented
    20 Jul, 2021 05:33pm

    That would be really helpful

  • Guest commented
    7 Jun, 2021 06:19am

    my god

  • Guest commented
    11 May, 2021 08:00pm

    we could record anything

  • GIGA CHAD commented
    26 Apr, 2021 02:21pm

    Ye, I wish we could just add our own ".exe" files of the game so it just at least records the game.

  • Guest commented
    23 Mar, 2021 05:35pm

    I would love this so much and I don't see how it would be not possible.

  • Guest commented
    28 Feb, 2021 05:35pm

    i would love to play friday night funkin and make youtube vids on it

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