call of duty vanguard

all content creators would benefit

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  • Nov 5 2021
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  • christian mancuso commented
    11 Apr, 2022 01:21pm

    could add it. Just add all big and popular titles to ease the demand

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    11 Apr, 2022 01:15pm

    Released in version 75.0.3162

  • Seth Wilcox commented
    23 Feb, 2022 01:30pm

    ”Use screen recorder to capture the games that are not supported yet.Released in version 72.0.2986”

    Or, you could add Vanguard

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    23 Feb, 2022 11:06am

    Use screen recorder to capture the games that are not supported yet. Released in version 72.0.2986

  • Charles Perkins commented
    20 Feb, 2022 10:11pm

    Bruh I dont understand how they have yet to add vanguard to the list. Or like even include the option to free record anything. Like give us SOME way of recording. This is easily the best recording software for me but it sucks I have to use an alternative JUST to get gameplay of games that arent supported. I'd even pay for the feature to be able to just free record anything I wanted

  • Mango Berry commented
    16 Feb, 2022 11:36pm

    Yeah they haven't put enlisted on either, which I know it doesn't have many votes, but it has been there for more than 6 months, just wonder if they are even working on outplayed...

  • Jakob Mara commented
    15 Feb, 2022 01:39pm

    I like how call of duty vangaurd is at the top of the trending tab with over 1000 votes asking for it and it's been like that since season 1 and there's still no Outplayed support... kinda sucks but I'm tired of waiting and I'm using an alternative.

  • Guest commented
    13 Feb, 2022 08:51am

    free fire

  • will hendry commented
    28 Jan, 2022 04:45pm


  • will hendry commented
    28 Jan, 2022 04:44pm






  • Guest commented
    28 Jan, 2022 06:55am

    please add warzone 2 pre-emptively!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tre gilbert commented
    27 Jan, 2022 02:36am

    add CoD Vangaurd please

  • Guest commented
    21 Jan, 2022 09:21pm

    add now

  • Jakob Mara commented
    12 Jan, 2022 11:41am

    A lot of people have been waiting for Vangaurd.. I actually recommended this to my Clan to start making gameplay clips but realized it wasn't yet supported. I hope you guys pick up support for this game soon - it's been out for a little bit now..

  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2022 02:33am

    how many votes does this game have to get for it to be added? Nov. 5th 2021 Vanguard was released. We are at 65 days and counting. Just saying one of the newest titles of one of the biggest videogame franchises probably should have been added first.

  • Guest commented
    8 Jan, 2022 10:03pm

    uh? really havent added it yet? kinda slow on your part as ac omany... i guess ill wait even longer since this is the most wanted game for this app buuut okay

  • Guest commented
    8 Jan, 2022 01:30pm

    Pls add Vanguard

  • Guest commented
    7 Jan, 2022 10:34am

    It already Jan. 7th we need it soon asap

  • Isaac Schaefer commented
    6 Jan, 2022 01:47am

    I only got this app for this game specifically. So PLEASE add it!

  • connor verhagen commented
    4 Jan, 2022 11:56pm

    I would like to agree with OP, newest Cod, Means we are missing out on newest clips that could be caught via Outplayed. Hope They get on it soon

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