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Not going to give you a ridiculous reason, or a silly response. This is a serious request. Please add grounded to your clip, essentially clip anything that pops up raw science, or death screen, Or Damage taken screen effects (stink bugs gas/haze gas/ bombardier beetle spray/ etc.) This should also include a number pad macro (as the number pad currently has no sync to it) This would allow for quality game play clips capturing the most iconic moments such as your wolf spider, or your embarrassing sneak attack by a orb weaver! I don't want to make this a ridiculous request as you read through these, I simply hope that this explanation is helpful enough to make this request something you can look at and go "yeah I think that will work"

This will give you the absolute best clip moments for use in videos, start clips or just downright funny moments to add to clip vids that make up starting screens or speed reels. Well I have talked your ear off enough, I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this and I just hope it finds the right eyes :)

Thanks again.

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  • Dec 17 2021
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