Add clipping of kills , achievements, misson/challenge completion and long/far jumps/drops in Dying Light

It's useful in order to share just little things that make you happy to your friends without having to sort through several hours of footage to get a 10 second clip. The game just happens to not be on the list of games you guys have on the app, which is why the list is so extensive. Other Dying Light players that want to share their small yet proud achievements or cool things they did would benefit from this greatly. I'd say somehow detect when something has been completed, using the pop up on screen, and you might be able to use the same detection system used for kills and use it for the long/far jumps/drops by the dramatic changes in environment or something I'm not sure. I'm not a programmer I can't tell you how to do this stuff which I'm sure you already have a pretty good idea on how to do.

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  • May 15 2022
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