Minecraft Java

so you guys can add to the capture section, of minecraft java, record;

kills, dies, pvp, etc. to record only that scene.

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  • Jun 18 2022
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    12 Aug 09:47am


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    10 Aug 11:36pm


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    3 Aug 06:30pm

    i wanna play minecraft java and stream😢

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    28 Jul 06:30am

    make it happen man 738 million people have it as of 2021 compared to less than 100m in COD warzone like bruh???

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    21 Jul 03:17pm

    also (if its not included with minecraft java) add lunar client and badlion client support

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    20 Jul 11:07pm

    add it, its usable in hypixel bedwars, duels, and much more.

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    20 Jul 05:16pm

    i got out played because i thought it already did this for minecraft so its kind of sad that it doesn't :/

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    14 Jul 05:42pm

    yes i would enjoyed it

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    1 Jul 09:36pm

    yes please

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    29 Jun 08:54pm

    yes please ad it

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    26 Jun 10:32pm

    Yep, espetially when playing minigames like Hypixel

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    26 Jun 01:46am

    Yes it really needs this

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    21 Jun 07:56pm


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    19 Jun 06:17pm

    I play Java servers all the time as well. This would be very useful to me! +1 vote

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    18 Jun 04:17am

    I use outplayed for my videos and on most of my comments on youtube the audience say make a vide of only kills and pvp, so this idea is created for me xd...

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    18 Jun 04:11am

    Why everybody vote comment? Just like me XD so ı actually support the idea but you guys can also add the new version of minecraft: minecraft bedrock&java (the extended) and for when it comes:Minecraft legends also...

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    18 Jun 04:07am

    So ı play java alllllllllll the time... so yes. it should come.

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    18 Jun 04:01am

    I look at the time of comments and it's actually very similar means this is really a good idea Hey, Out played Bring it on New uptade!!!

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    18 Jun 03:57am

    ı was looking at my record of minecraft java while ı was bored to cut specificly, so ı really want this idea in the neew uptade

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    18 Jun 03:56am

    Hello, ı was also playin Minecraft java and ı support the idea of the Events!

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