Team Fortress 2 Highlights

TF2 is a very time consuming game with a lot to capture. It might be more efficient for players to capture and store clips of game events (kills; deaths; headshots; ubercharges; backstabs; etc.) rather than full-length videos.

The way that TF2 is played and the length most players play it at makes it difficult to comb over and manually clip each event.

It allows for more meaningful gameplay to be captured and stored. The following would be good additions to the list of events available to capture;
Ubercharges (Though I admit this would be a tad redundant);
And perhaps a few MvM related events, such as destroying a giant robot, etc?

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  • Jul 12 2022
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  • G P commented
    19 Jul 06:32pm

    I agree especially for things like Mvm and ctf matches where they might last for a while.