Add the option to choose to capture two audio outputs (Chat and Game) in the audio settings.

Because some headphones have the option of having two audio channels (Chat and Game) I would like to be able to use it. Since I can have a sound configuration for each audio output.
Attached a screenshot from SteelSeries software that allows the capture of two audio outputs.
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  • Jan 3 2023
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    26 May, 2023 10:48am

    YES PLEASE. Outplayed would really benefit from more audio capture customisation settings. Because of my headset, I have to either A) record the game audio without any voice chat or B) record the game audio with voice chat but also everything else my microphone picks up throughout the whole game, even when I don't hit the push-to-talk button. I want to include voice chat in my replays, but I don't really want to include me eating, drinking, swearing when I die, talking to my cat, scrolling TikTok, etc

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    31 Jan, 2023 10:05pm

    I got on the support page to suggest this exact thing too. Very common with Arctis Headsets to have the game and chat on different channels