Add highlights for Overwatch 2

not sure if the API changed for Overwatch 2, but the app does not allow for highlights for kills or assist anymore. Just a suggestion!

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  • Jan 4 2023
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  • Alex Valdez commented
    4 Feb 04:42am

    agreed! I i used outplayed for valorant clips for kills, assists, and deaths for funny moments. so why not do the same with overwatch as well? it will help a ton especially if i just log in to see what is my shop and not have that entire thing recorded.

  • Guest commented
    29 Jan 09:20am

    This is the only thing that makes Outplayed useful. I'll be using something else now.

  • Taruneswar Ramuu commented
    19 Jan 08:00am

    its been 4 months since the game release, and its basically 90% of the same old game... So please do work on giving us these outplayed features as soon as possible!

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