If you got tarkov to where it would auto record kills you would be #1 by far

Tarkov more than most games centers a community that have to look at their kills and deaths to adapt and get better. One of the biggest problems with recording it is disk space with up to full hour raids and you can't hit a hotkey when your getting one tapped or in a intense firefight. I originally downloaded this cause JesseKazam made it seem like this feature was already added for Tarkov without actually saying it. If you guys made it happen you would get literally all Tarkov players because there really isn't any non heavy gamer tarkov players. Tarkov isn't a fun relaxing game it's a serious hardcore game that has an audience of people who are willing to take any step necessary to get better. Looking back at you kills and deaths is one of the many things tarkov streamers tell their audience to do to get better.

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  • Jan 8 2023
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