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Many people upload clips of call of duty and it sometimes takes them hours of footage to sort through but with a highlights setting we could easily just go back through that video to find kills deaths and other highlights. This would make call of duty videos and clips so much easier to come across and you wouldn't have to just trust yourself to always be recording on something like OBS and have to cut it up. Outplayed could be very popular for call of duty because of how easy it would be and how much time it would save people having to go back through a video that's 9 hours long to find 1 single clip.

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  • Jan 31 2023
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  • Guest commented
    8 Feb 08:29pm


  • Hailey Hummerston commented
    28 Jan 10:58pm

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i stream and this makes clipping easier!

  • Guest commented
    28 Jan 06:49pm


  • Guest commented
    24 Nov, 2023 01:04pm

    yes please!

  • Guest commented
    4 Nov, 2023 09:53pm

    would be great

  • Guest commented
    29 Oct, 2023 12:26pm

    pls fix this asap

  • Guest commented
    22 Oct, 2023 10:52am

    why does it take so long? >WE NEED THIS FOR WZ2

  • Guest commented
    18 Oct, 2023 05:54pm


  • שלומי ולרו commented
    6 Oct, 2023 11:20am
    Please add the highlights option for warzone 2
  • Guest commented
    24 Sep, 2023 06:04pm

    Outplayed TF is going on youve been taking a lot of time already

  • Guest commented
    15 Sep, 2023 03:46am

    Agreed. i just now have 3 hours worth of stuff to go through. For me, it'd be so helpful to have the ability to have highlights in this game and not spend the next 6 hours cutting up each little bit for funny deaths, or kills added on with funny bits that happened in the VC lobbies.

  • Baba Voss commented
    28 Aug, 2023 10:40am


  • Guest commented
    23 Aug, 2023 09:31am


  • lowrider962 commented
    22 Aug, 2023 07:17pm

    This is a must for streamers and anyone who post shorts to boost their videos.

  • Guest commented
    20 Aug, 2023 04:56am

    pls add it

  • robotman5 commented
    14 Aug, 2023 08:15pm

    needs to be put in!

  • Guest commented
    5 Aug, 2023 10:27pm

    THIS IS A MUST! I dont know why you would add a FPS without this...

  • Guest commented
    29 Jul, 2023 11:46pm

    bump this is a nneeeddded

  • Guest commented
    25 Jul, 2023 06:14am

    yall should rush this one

  • Guest commented
    17 Jul, 2023 05:26pm


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