Add highlights for BattleBit Remastered

It would be useful for new people who wanna make videos to get clips from your app and more people could get in to outplayed becasue of it. You could also get video proof of someone hacking.

It would certainly benefit everyone because of how useful it is.

You could have the normal kill, death, headshot and last which could be hard is a clip when you drop of an squad with an heli.

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  • Jun 27 2023
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    30 Jan 06:57pm

    Something like a 10 second timed multikill camera would be nice. every kill starts a timer and if there is a second kill before that timer ends it will save from 5-10 sec before the first kill untill the last kill before the timers reaches 0. Also settings for single kills, change the timer maximum and deaths and single kills by type.

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    14 Dec, 2023 04:12pm

    Today I was recommended to use Outplayed via a friend of mine, but upon configuration I'm honestly very disappointed to see that this isn't a feature yet for BattleBit Remastered.

    I shall reinstall Outplayed again once this game is supported.

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    22 Aug, 2023 01:02pm


    It's past time for this feature to exist, this game is one of the most purchased games on Steam in recent months

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    10 Aug, 2023 04:29pm

    yes pls

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    23 Jul, 2023 05:00am


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    23 Jul, 2023 12:46am


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    19 Jul, 2023 11:02pm

    Game is rapidly gaining more players outplayed creating an automatic feature would be ez mone

  • red red commented
    15 Jul, 2023 10:32pm

    we need this

  • Jerry Overhaus commented
    15 Jul, 2023 02:33pm

    Please i need it

  • mike dunn commented
    9 Jul, 2023 02:11am


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    30 Jun, 2023 04:05pm


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    30 Jun, 2023 11:07am

    110% this needs to be added. Can also be used to help the devs with problems with maps considering its one of the most dev active games on the market right now.

  • Ryan West commented
    29 Jun, 2023 07:00pm

    this please!!!